This is a smart range where every detail is functional and innovative: for example the build-in USB adapter, which facillitates the charging of smartphones and tablets whilst on the go.
The SMART line is made of high-quality polyester materials and uses light-reflecting details for road-safety purposes.
The sophisticated interior aspect of all styles allows for practical use in everyday life, at work and when travelling


The wide variety of models in this series ranges from a business bag to a weekender bag and various super lightweight suitcases.
The suitcase wheels are smooth, quiet and flexible, and can rotate 360 gegrees. In conjunction with the build-in, telescopic, multi-adjustable handle, the case is easy to push or pull with minimum effort.

Weekender on wheels

Art.Nr. H 501 701 01


Duffle Bag

Art.Nr. H 501 702 01


Backpack on wheels

Art.Nr. H 501 703 01



Art.Nr. H 501 704 01


Workbag medium

Art.Nr. H 501 706 01


Travel Organizer Set

Art.Nr. H 501 710 01


4 Wheel Trolley Set of 3

Art.Nr. H 501 711 SET 01


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